Credit Manager


We’ll keep an eye out, so you don't have to.

You’re ready to take that next step in life with your new spouse and start a family and it’s time for the exciting task of shopping for a new home. Do you know how a mortgage bank will see you? Do you have a clean credit report?

Your credit history impacts so many areas of your life beyond being accepted for a line of credit or getting the best interest rate for a mortgage, car loan or credit card. It also plays a role in all sorts of life events and necessities like finding a job, getting a cell phone, and taking out insurance policies.

In a recent survey, 30% of people admitted they did not know their credit score. More than half of them were adults under 30.

How does it all work?

CreditWatch will not only provide your credit score information, but you will have in-depth knowledge about your credit history, receive real-time alerts when inquiries or changes occur in your credit and have access to a resource center to maintain a healthy credit history or resolve any credit disputes.

Secure access to credit report

Pull your fully detailed credit report to help you identify any serious errors in your credit history that could be negatively impacting your score.

Credit score tracker

Before you go house hunting or shopping for that new car, be prepared and know your credit score to leverage your buying power.

Credit health resource center

Have access to all the tools you’ll need to nurture the health of your credit score. The resource center includes tri-bureau information so you can dispute any suspicious activity on your report.

Real-time credit monitoring

We will be watching your credit 24/7/365 and send you real-time alerts any time a sudden change occurs to your score, which could indicate fraud

Your credit history affects many aspects of your life. Protect yourself from being a victim of credit fraud by keeping track of your current credit score and receiving alerts on any sudden changes.