If our basic tax program is all you need then this subscription is for you. With TaxReady, you will receive expert tax preparation, filing and advice year 'round. You will also receive our tax monitoring service and audit assistance. It costs $16.95 monthly or $203.00 if paid yearly.


GLN™FinancialLifeConcierge is our most popular subscription. With this subscription, you will receive all of our services: GLN™TaxReady, GLN™CreditRise, GLN™MoneyVise, GLN™LivingNow, and GLN™FinancialConcierge. TaxReady does not include Schedule C business taxes over $250,000 in revenue. When used properly, this subscription can easily pay for itself. It costs $38.95 monthly or $440.00 if paid yearly.


Congratulations! Your business is thriving. This subscription is designed with you in mind. With this subscription, you will receive all of the services we offer including TaxReady for your tax return over $250,000. It includes the necessary preparation of your business taxes and audit assistance. It costs $99.95 monthly or $1200.00 if paid yearly.

What is FinancialConcierge

It is your beacon of light throughout your financial darkness.  We help guide you through the rough economic waters of life to a safer shore. From home mortgages, car loans, and most other major purchases we are there to assist you and ensure you make the best-informed decision. We want to take on the work part of your personal life so when you are not a work you can live.

What is LIVITUP?

Are you living yet? Our exclusive partnership with LIVITUP will help you get there and help with your ‘No Regrets’ bucket list of adventures and destinations.  From the Super Bowl to Machu Picchu and everything in between.  Experience mind-blowing adventures TOGETHER with your friends while meeting new friends!  Fly high on ziplines through the jungle, dance to live DJ's on deck, get soaked in champagne showers, try new authentic foods, dance all night long on the beach, white water raft raging mountain rivers, ride 4 wheelers through crazy forest trails or ride horses on pristine beaches, chase waterfalls off the beaten path, and take natural mud baths.  LIVIT LARGE Trips are about more than just travel.  They are about transformation.  Transforming lives in the places we visit, as well as, transforming your own life through the experiences you have.  Imagine soaking in some sun on the beaches of Brazil, or spending some time painting a classroom at a local elementary school, or exploring an African Safari and feeding malnourished children in a nearby village.  "Travel and Transform the World" is more than a motto, it’s our mission.